A rather quiet Thursday afternoon got busy for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office for a few minutes when an inmate bound for Anderson County took off running.

Scott County Sheriff’s Office personnel had picked up a suspect wanted on burglary and other charges in Anderson County, said Sheriff Tony Hampton. The Anderson County deputy came to transport the inmate back to Lawrenceburg when he took off running.

“Usually the cruiser pulls into the sally port and we close the door behind them when they are either picking up or dropping off,” Jailer Derran Broyles said. “We couldn’t do that this time because Scott County had a cruiser already in there. When the deputy took him to the car in the parking lot, he took off running.”

That’s when it got interesting. County Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington saw the inmate running and turning down the alley towards North Hamilton and the sheriff’s office. He called Hampton to alert law enforcement.

“We knew someone had escaped from someone in custody but didn’t know at the time,” Hampton said. “Joe Pat called my cell and said ‘Sheriff, it looks like an inmate escaped and is running through the alley toward North Hamilton.’ Me, Lt. Hudnall and a couple of deputies ran after him.”

 As they pursued the escapee, Hampton said several citizens kept pointing which way he had run. He said as he came toward Main Street, a lady yelled and pointed toward the Scott County Museum where Hampton found the escapee tucked in a corner against the fence.

“I instructed him to show me his hands. They were in his shorts and he didn’t comply well, so I held him at a position safe for me until others could arrive.”

Hampton said he was only on the run for about 8 minutes or so, and credited citizens for helping point out which way the inmate had run.

“It was a good group effort, and the citizens were a big help in apprehending him,” he said. “I felt like I was back on the street.” 


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