After many vehicle break-ins and thefts recently, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook posting multiple videos of security footage showing people attempting to break in to unlocked vehicles. The footage is from Mallard Point and Harbor Village in northern Scott County.

With the help of subdivision residents 4 suspects are identified and in custody, according to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook posts.

Tristan Clark, 18 of Georgetown was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and unlawful transaction with minors 2nd degree, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies found and recovered a firearm, several wallets, purses, backpacks and other stolen items. They also seized a small amount of marijuana.

The others involved are minors and could not be named.

“This investigation was a true team effort between law enforcement and the community, as they provided several pictures from additional surveillance systems in the area and our tippling received names of possible suspects,” the sheriff’s office wrote. 

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