Scott Sturgill

Scott Sturgill

‘Loved as hard as he lived’

Steven Scott Sturgill, 58, went out for his last fishing trip on Sunday, July 7, 2019. He ran us too short on time, but left some truly incredible memories to fill the years we’ll be without him. Real love is blended, aged and full of a fire that burns and fortifies. He was real. We are better for it.

Scott was tough, smart, talented, stubborn — a big personality of adjectives inappropriate for print — and he loved as hard as he lived. He would fight bears for you. He never matched wits with an unarmed person, he drove it ‘til it broke and raised two irreverent squirrels who are the perfect blend of his humor and strength. You had to get on his level to stay in the game, but if you fell he’d pick you up and help you rub some salt in it. It was never his first rodeo. Three squeezes means “I love you.”  Four squeezes means “I love you too.” We love him big much, forever.

He is survived by his father, Thomas K. (Connie) Sturgill; daughters, Victoria Lee Sturgill and Lauren Elizabeth Sturgill (Zach Watts); grandchildren, Layla Elizabeth and Alexander William Watts; brothers, Chuck Sturgill (Lisa Lawson) and Kenny (Leslie) Sturgill. He was preceded in death by his mother, Pat Sturgill; and twice-wife, Kimberly Lee Sturgill. Per his request, Scott’s remains will be cremated and his ashes scattered on the family farm                   at sunset.

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