To the Editor,

Amy, I see you’re in the race for the senate seat currently held by Mitch McConnell. Please note I did not say McConnell’s seat even though he thinks he owns it. This seat belongs to the people of Kentucky. Of course, in McConnell’s view, it belongs to him and the wealthy he serves.

Let’s take a brief look at McConnell:

Recently a group of miners took a bus to D.C. to meet with McConnell regarding black lung. Mitch met with them for less than a minute. Imagine how many hours he spends each day snuggled up to industry lobbyists. Mitch has always been grasping and without conscience.

Suggestion: Recruit those miners and have them go door to door detailing their treatment by McConnell.

McConnell routinely votes against women and therefore against families. He pledges to tear out the Affordable Care Act “root and branch” and leave tens of millions of Americans without health insurance of any kind. He wants to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Suggestion: Run radio ads where McConnell knocks on the door demanding people turn in their Social Security card, Medicare card or Medicaid card to pay for the additional $4 trillion deficit caused by the tax scam bill he led.

In a more fundamental context, Trump could not ignore the rule of law, which holds that no man or woman is above the law, without McConnell. Instead of checking Trump’s tyranny, McConnell uses his power as Senate majority leader to enable Trump’s goosestep down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Suggestion: Hire actors that affect a good Russian accent. Have them thank McConnell for backing Trump in his service to Putin.

Amy, you have a compelling story and anyone with a brain honors your service in the military and your pioneering spirit. Because you are a good person, you ran a high road campaign against Andy Barr. Predictably, Barr took your words out of context and ran a campaign rife with lies.

Your devotion and service to America didn’t matter. Men like Barr and McConnell have no integrity. They crave power and will do anything to keep it. The high road takes strength and courage but here’s the hard truth. You have one good chance to defeat McConnell. Tell the truth of him with steel in your voice. Call him a liar. Call him a snake. Point out his abhorrent policies and pound on him.

Tell it from the mountain, Amy. The GOP is now the party of Putin, Trump, and Moscow Mitch. Their credo is, Let Us Prey…on the poor…on women...on veterans…on anyone they deem vulnerable.

Telling the truth of this greedy, power-mad, little man should be the heart of your campaign. One can’t be civil with snakes, Go to every town in Kentucky and tell it all.

Jerry Richardson


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