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Canewood Home Owners Association (HOA) is in a state of bondage to Canewood owners

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Posted: Saturday, February 25, 2012 5:00 am

I write this article with trepidation because neighbors are pitted against each other due to a lack of information. At my stage of life, nearly 3/4 of a century, I feel extremely blessed that I am able to carry on with most of my normal activities.  I have absolutely no hard feelings for anyone here at Canewood; but I adamantly abhor the tactics being used by Canewood LLC and their staff bullying Canewood homeowners. So why am I writing this article?

...Here at Canewood we homeowners (HOA) have been subjected to severe increases in golf course fees. When we have questioned the fee increases, we were told we just do not understand how much it costs to run a golf course, or we are whiners, or we are “blown off” with a degrading comment.  Canewood LLC, who owns the golf course, shows us THEIR budget but names it Canewood Homeowners Association, Inc. Balance Sheet.  This paper shows their costs, assets, and income. So what is wrong with their saga?

 (#1) The budget projections would make “Saturday Night Live” and “The Jay Leno Show” prime laughing skits. For example, (a) the pro shop telephone expenses are $6,160.69 for January-August 2011. Note their Golf Course time table is April, May, June, July, and August, only five months. (b) Uniforms expense is $2,419.18. Why this much and who wears them? No one has ever seen all of these uniforms. (c) The pool house bathroom supplies are $2,594.93. Remember the pool house is open only three months, June, July, and August. Jay Leno would claim the Canewood Pool as the “Diarrhea Pool Capital of the Nation.”

(#2) Larger expense items (a) bad debts were $47,429.13. What, you have got to be kidding? (b) Entrance and common area costs were $24,798.35. I didn’t know we were the Busch Gardens of Kentucky! (c) Total labor was $213,281.22. Hey Canewood LLC, I keep hearing we are in a recession; not here at Canewood when it comes to labor.  There are 92 entries and the above represents some of the ludicrousness impressed upon us Canewood HOA.

(#3) Income. In this part of the budget, space requirements limit me to one comment. This could be called “Voo Doo” economics or accounting. The saga continues…

With repeated attempts from homeowners to look at the books and substantiate the 92 listed entries of costs, income, assets, and liabilities; Canewood LLC and their staff have absolutely and completely stonewalled us. ...

Therefore, out of frustration to seek the truth we sought legal counsel. HOA attorney, Nathan Billings has repeatedly pressured Canewood LLC to look at the books. So far he has been shown very  little and now the understanding from the Canewood LLC attorney is that the records only go back to 2006.

Now the saga gets worse. According to Canewood LLC, we the Canewood Homeowners owe them $826,000.00. When we ask them how in the world that could be, or for what or when or show us some receipts or something to substantiate the claims, we have still been denied this request. This is 2012! This is the country that I love, the city that I love, and I think of all of the blood that my kin sacrificed on battlefields to give us our basic freedoms and we literally have to wrestle with a governing body to seek the truth.  This is truly sad!

The Saga of the American Greed Comes to Life- Canewood LLC’s attorney gave a 50-minute sales pitch on Feb. 15 at Western Elementary. My what an embellished spin he projected! We lucky slaves are going to be sold off to a third party composed of Danny McQueen and Don Wilshire. It will only be $1,100 for Canewood HOA members to swim in a diarrhea infested pool and we can play golf if it is ever available for only $2,200. Now let’s all get in the wagon and ride off to Cheapside so we can be sold.

If this sounds sarcastic then it is better than the way I really feel. Jim and John Barlow and a Mr. Brewer know that golf courses have a hard time breaking even or showing a profit. Most golf courses are not wanted by anyone period.

To compound the problem, the Barlows, along with Mr. Brewer are either negligent of their duties to let Don Wilshire and his staff run a loose ship and not control costs and income or they are trying to hide the real reason or reasons.  How in the world can anyone be held responsible for items you have no control over and are refused the right to substantiate the numbers?

Then their attorney had the gall and the insensitivity ... to suggest we can audit the books BUT it has to be done by an acceptable audit firm. By the way, the cost will be $45,000 to $50,000. What nerve!!

Our level of dissatisfaction is at the level where change will be made.  Hopefully this information will motivate all to help us seek the truth. The truth will set us free of the ball and chains of excess fees, lies, absolutely no rights, disregard of the voting process, threats, bullied behavior by Canewood LLC staff, and stop the devaluation of our homes. I love Georgetown and I choose to live here, but not under these conditions.

Lucian Royce is a resident of Canewood and a member of the Canewood homeowners association.

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