To the Editor,

I read with interest Sheriff Hampton’s article about safety issues on Cardinal Drive and apparently its intersection with KY 32 Long Lick. If deputies are being “clipped” by drivers’ door mirrors, then those drivers should be dealt with accordingly — arrest/fine/points or whatever so that word gets out to slow down. 

This issue is a lack of respect for the safety of law enforcement and traffic rules. It should be dealt with promptly.

However, I question turning Cardinal Drive into a one-way on a permanent basis. One would think that drivers would be aware of this after 2 or 3 years of being in effect. I would certainly say that better signage could be used at the entrances and exits of Cardinal Drive to educate and inform motorists. Also, SCHS and SCMS should be providing this info at orientation as well as being addressed in the News-Graphic at the start of each school year.

I live in the Colony subdivision and hate to think of the traffic nightmare this would create for people trying to exit the subdivision going to work. In the afternoon, it is next to impossible for traffic to turn left onto U.S. 25 North from Colony Drive. A long wait at the light at Cardinal Drive and U.S. 25 at best...Currently I exit from Cardinal Drive onto KY 32 Long Lick and then to work from there.  Second-shift workers attempting to get to work would certainly have a rough start to their day.

If Cardinal Drive were made one-way permanently, you better be adding additional traffic lights for residents of Colony subdivision to exit. Our community has grown with additional housing constructed on the South/SouthWest side and Haverford Apartments along with other development. In the event of an emergency, we already would be in trouble during the morning or afternoon switch. How ambulances or firetrucks or police could get in here is questionable. Finally, why cant’t an exit to the bypass be constructed at the back of the subdivision to help alleviate some traffic issues now?


Timothy Miller


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