ife has its ebbs and flows, but no matter what we should always finds things for which we are thankful.

During the depths of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Americans to pause and give humble thanks for blessings at a time when many families probably felt those blessings were missing or in short supply.

“May we recall the courage of those who settled a wilderness,” Roosevelt said in his Thanksgiving proclamation. “The vision of the nation, the steadfastness of those who in every succeeding generation have fought to keep pure the ordeal of equality of opportunity of mutual help in time of prosperity as in time of adversity.”

Scott County is enjoying a time of prosperity, although there are those among us who feel those blessings are in short supply.

Consider recent stories the News-Graphic has published on the homeless in our community or the great need for food among some in our community. Far too many of our children live in homes that are food insecure while others are abused or neglected.

The needs are great.

But just as the needs are great, so too is Scott County’s capacity for love, caring, and yes, thankfulness.

On Wednesday night before Thanksgiving many of our churches will join forces to provide a community-wide Thanksgiving meal. The meal is important, certainly, but so is the care, concern and fellowship that accompanies the food.

Consider the high schools — Scott County and Great Crossing — and the massive amount of canned goods collected to help relieve some of that insecurity. Thousands and thousands of canned food items were collected by students.

Consider this year AMEN House had over 950 requests for food — the most ever — and each request met thanks to the generosity of this community.

Consider individuals like Melissa Clay, a teacher at Lemons Mill Elementary, who possibly saved a child’s life this past week by performing the Heimlich maneuver. Clay is just one of hundreds of teachers who are heroes to our young people in ways we cannot imagine. 

We could go on, but the message is clear.

Scott County is a blessed community, but with those blessings come responsibilities. It is obvious by the examples given above and countless others you may know of yourself, we live in a community of love, compassion and caring.

We at the News-Graphic are blessed to be a part of this community. We are grateful for our subscribers, our readers and advertisers.

We wish each of you a peaceful and bountiful Thanksgiving filled with what matters most — love for each other.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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