To the Editor,

Why do some people choose to lie to others? Obviously, the person lying doesn’t want the other person or a group of people to know or believe the truth. The seriousness of the thing being lied about, the greater and more elaborate and complex the lie needs to be, to be believed. 

To me, the greatest of lies would be there is no God, and keep building on that with questions followed up with misleading statements and an out and out lie here and there. Remember a half truth is a lie. If you were to make a statement, answer it with a lie, wouldn’t it bring confusion, as some do? For those that say there is a God, where would be the most logical place of reference? 

I would think the oldest, continuous, historical reference to God, The Bible, The Holy Book, made up of 66 books, all in continuous reference to Who, He, “God,” is and the God Head, and stating his accomplishments, “His Creation,” all that is within the earth and the heavens above. Where would the nay sayers have to start? The same place if they are going to have a good rebuttal. 

Seeing I am not wanting to write a book, I am going to have to put things in a shorter form. “Truth,” God said. “He” is the only true and forever living God. 

He said he had no beginning and he will not have an end. The forever God, the Great I Am, The Creator of all is or will be, having all power and authority and dominion in the heavens and earth. Genesis 1: and 1, in the beginning, God! Early on, world over, mankind has believed there is, problem is, the wanted one of their own liking and making. 

The nay sayers, being many, will say things like, God is the mother of all things, god is in all things, so all things and the creator are God, God the father and God the mother had sexual relations and produced the angels and mankind. Man is god in himself, man will evolve into gold and rule his own planet and produce more gods. God is just in man’s most vivid imagination. Man can be saved by doing good works. The God I serve is a god of love. No one goes to hell. Hell is just an allegory of life here on earth. There is no God! Well, this is no God, as some say, said if anyone says and believes there is no God, that person is a fool. 

I would ask the question, if the person that says there is no God is a fool, how much more the fool are those that take away or add to God’s Word in order to make him the god of their own choosing. Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1-31 Tells of God’s creations, in 6, 24 hour days, and in each 24 hours, what was created. Genesis 2:1-25 begins to tell how some of the gongs God created and began to work as he further elaborated on His Creation. Some have chosen to add to God’s day, He, of all, should know what a day consists of. 

In my next letter, God willing, I’m going to endeavor to prove who has been lying to you all your life and who hasn’t. Keep this letter and read them together, it will make better sense.

Wayne Gillispie


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