To the Editor,

How did Matt Bevin go from the most disliked governor in the country to an election dead heat with Andy Beshear?  Are the Russians and Facebook helping Bevin like they did Trump in 2016?  Bevin wants Putin’s business friends to build a plant in Kentucky, offering incentives and secret deals, not revealing taxpayers will be paying their bills.

Bevin’s treatment of his Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton was abusive, mean and dishonest. 

Lt. Governor Hampton was a problem for Bevin wanting personal power to rule, not to govern. She had to go along with “ignorant” teachers and “hack” judges.

Bevin is trolling Eastern Kentucky with promises of grant money, ”quid pro quo” for votes. Beware: Trump took Congressional money from our military bases for schools and housing, stealing it for his wall.

The best wall joke took place in the Red River Gorge by climbers on an 18-ft. tall replica of Trump’s “Beautiful,” “Virtually Impossible” wall in Mexico being scaled in 17.29 seconds by Erick Klocker.  Rick Weber and other climbers simply enjoyed the challenge but showed the futility of Trump’s walls.

Voters can do their own report card on Bevin.

Bevin has given out more in tax incentives than he has collected in revenue . The promises of new jobs is losing out to real jobs leaving the state.

Bevin has refused to collect taxes, late fee and fines from mining companies declaring bankruptcies preferring  special cheaper deals.

 “War on Coal” is dead “War on Wages” is alive with Bevin and Frankfort keeping us 45th state in poverty wage scale. Will the miners ever get their money, fines and penalties paid for?

The Beshear HealthCare Plan gave over 400,000 Kentuckians health care and was a model of success in our country. Bevin’s plan is full of devious designs to withhold coverage.

The Bevin agenda affects over 345,000 teachers, police, fire and legislative staffers. Like the wall climbers Bevin can be taken down in less than the minute it takes to vote.

Paid political by Judy Rembacki


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