To the Editor,

In response to the “permanent light solution” article in the Dec. 26 edition, I feel obligated as both a parent of Scott County students and a citizen of the county to express my disgust at the cost of lights for a baseball field.

The use of $300,000 to fund a place for a limited number of people to play a game at night is outrageous and fiscally irresponsible. Every parent in this county understands the poor state of school funding, especially as we’re continually pressed for both monetary donations and donations of supplies as simple as pencils and hand sanitizer. Every driver in this county understands the poor state of roads and the need for funding for the sheriff’s office and fire department.

I imagine a room full of old white men patting themselves and each other on the back after reaching this decision. This sort of spending is antiquated and continues the tradition of sports before academics so prevalent in small-beans towns and school districts. This community is growing and those who serve the public—especially those elected—should remember their responsibilities extend past games and outdated traditions. We are different, and better, than that.

The leadership of public offices in this area embarrasses me. We waited years for a new high school, we continue to have schools over capacity and we have busy roads without shoulders or sidewalks. Regardless of what fund the fiscal court or school board want to pull money from, it’s wrong. I hope that all readers remember this next time they wonder why Old Oxford Road is in such bad shape and why they must send hundreds of dollars of supplies into their children’s classrooms every year.


Donny Johnson


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