To the Editor,

The recent letter to the editor by Bill Burke caught my attention. 

Burke doesn’t seem to understand that Trump has already been impeached and will stay impeached forever. Of course, Republicans, except Mitt Romney, refused to even conduct a fair trial. They allowed no witnesses that House managers requested and McConnell made sure Americans would not hear the truth even after taking an oath to pursue impartial justice.

Mr. Burke also swore an oath upon entering the military. He solemnly swore to, “bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of The United States and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” 

I commend Burke for his service. I’m sure he knows that service did not end when he took off his uniform. I’m just as sure Burke realizes the Constitution is under assault by Donald Trump. 

Trump tried to shakedown a foreign power to rig a scandal to taint a political opponent. House hearings fully substantiated the accusation. Of course, there were Republicans on each committee spreading lies and conspiracy theories.

Burke is upset because I call out Republicans. Well, Mr. Burke, it’s Republicans that support this domestic enemy. 

Get a copy of Mitt Romney’s speech upon voting to convict Trump. Romney values the truth and the Constitution. I see no other Republicans that do anything but enable Trump’s strongman agenda.

Saying nothing is complicity.


Jerry Richardson


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