All on target

Archers, from left, Robert Risch of Owen County, and from SCHS, Emma Baize, Hayden Davis and Sophia Bingham, went well beyond regulation to determine winners in the Archery Madness tournament Saturday.

The competition for first-place individual honors couldn’t have been any closer than it turned out for the Archery Madness tournament in Scott County last weekend,

In the high school division, comprised of both boys and girls, there was a four-way tie for first place with identical scores of 291.

Tens, then nines, are typiclaly used to break such deadlocks, but even that tiebreaker couldn’t separate the lead quartet of Scott County’s Emma Baize, Hayden Davis and Sophia Bingham and Owne County’s Robert Risch.

That led to a tiebreaker round. It still failed to break the tie. So the four each shot an additional arrow, with closest to the middle being awarded the victory.

Risch and Baize earned the respective victories by a margin of about an inch.

In the high school team competition, Scott County’s Team One (3,388) topped its Team Two (3,235) for the overall win.

Scott County Middle School ruled its home range against a field of eight opponents with a team score of 3,178. And in the elementary division, Anne Mason (2,795) took first place, with Stamping Ground second.

Charley Baxter of Anne Mason was the top elementary school boys’ shooter with 256. 

In the elementary girls’ division, Katie McFarland (252) of Stamping Ground was fourth, with Claire Stanley (248) of Anne Mason fifth.

Lily Ramsey (277) of SCMS was the top middle school girls’ shooter, with Hannah Rowland (276) third.

Kaley Walls and Sydney Beebe were fourth and fifth with matching scores of 281, following Baize and Bingham in the high school girls’ division.

Davis’ runner-up effort led a parade of SC boys in the high school top five. Lucas Kinzer (285), Luke Hawkins (283) and Elijah Baysinger (280) were third through fifth.

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