Crime scene

Crime scene from the Sept. 11 confrontation with suspected serial bank robber Edward J. Reynolds. The photo was manipulated to remove Reynolds’ body.

Thirty-six seconds.

Based upon multiple sources, the Kentucky State Police has developed a timeline of the entire evening of Sept. 11, 2018, in which suspected serial bank robber Edward J. Reynolds died in a hail of gunfire that also left Scott County Deputy Jaime Morales wounded and paralyzed.

Thirty-six seconds from the moment members of the Georgetown/Scott County Special Response Team exited its armored truck at the I-75 Exit 127 northbound rest area to the moment the gunfire stopped, Reynolds was mortally wounded and SRT members saw Morales fall to the ground, wounded.

Below is a timeline of the entire Sept. 11 incident outlined in the Kentucky State Police report provided to the News-Graphic via an open records request.

—Sometime before 8:30 p.m. suspected serial bank robber Edward Reynolds stops at the Exit 127 rest area. Truck driver Wilford Mitchell Hanson stops at about 8:30 p.m. and Reynolds’ 2013 Ford Mustang is already parked in the last spot before the north exit. The two men speak briefly. Reynolds walks off and Hanson leaves to gas up his truck.

— 9:42 p.m. U.S. Marshal Roger Daniel of the Lexington office is advised by U.S. Marshal Jarred Whitis that Edward Reynolds is wanted for bank robbery and is believed to have robbed a North Carolina bank earlier that same day. Whitis describes Reynolds and his silver Mustang convertible and that he is believed to be at the I-75, Exit 127 northbound rest area in Georgetown.

— Daniel drives to the rest area, locates the Mustang and eventually identifies Reynolds as the suspect.

— 10:16 p.m. Daniel calls the Scott County Dispatch and reaches Taylor Hoskins and requests assistance arresting a fugitive. Daniel decides to maintain surveillance on the Mustang while Scott County authorities prepare.

— 10:19 p.m. The complaint is originally assigned to Georgetown Police Officer Michael Evans. Evans suspects it is a “swatting call” and asks Hoskins to obtain more information and that he may need assistance. A swatting call is a prank for emergency services. Hoskins sends an officer to the rest area. Daniel advises the officers to be “low key” as not to spook Reynolds. Hoskins verifies Daniel is with the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

— 10:22 p.m. Daniel advises Dispatcher Hoskins that Reynolds might run if he suspects police are closing in.

— 10:24 p.m. Daniel advises he believes Reynolds is in the car asleep and his cellphone is still pinging. Hoskins asks if Reynolds has been violent with officers in the past, and Daniels says he does not know and that she should query NCIC.

— 10:25 p.m. Dispatch confirms Reynolds has an active warrant for Robbery with a Firearm obtained from the Sarasota, FL., Sheriff’s Office. The NCIC entry advised full extradition.

— 10:25 p.m. Evans contacts his supervisors Sgt. Nick Lodal and Sgt. Crump.

— 10:27 p.m. Crump requests dispatch to hold all non priority radio traffic.

— 10:29 p.m. SRT leader Lt. James Wagoner alerts his team to assemble in Cracker Barrel parking lot at Exit 126.

— 10:36 p.m. Hoskins asks Daniel if he wants the armor SRT truck to block Reynolds should he attempt to leave.

— 10:43 p.m. Hoskins advises Daniel the SRT armor truck is on its way with the Special Response Team.

— 10:43 p.m. An officer advises dispatch he is staged at Exit 129 with spike strips if Reynolds “gets mobile.”

— 10:50 p.m. Sgt. Lodal requests EMS to stage in area of Cherry Blossom and Darby.

— 10:58 p.m. Hoskins calls Georgetown Police Chief Michael Bosse to make him aware of the situation.

— 10:59 p.m. Following a quick verbal briefing in Cracker Barrel parking lot, the SRT truck with Sgt. Wallace, Sgt. Lodal, Sgt. Crump, Sgt. Brinegar, Officer Joseph Enricco, Deputy Jordan Jacobs and Deputy Jaime Morales on board.

— 10:59 p.m. Hoskins calls Georgetown Asst. Police Chief Robert Swanigan and advises that SRT has been called out.

— 11 p.m. Hoskins calls Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton and advises that SRT has been called out.

— 11 p.m. Sgt. Duke sets up rolling roadblock on I-75 and confirms officers staged with spike strips at Exit 129.

— 11:03 p.m. Duke advises three police units to shut down northbound I-75 at Exit 127 after SRT passes their location.

— 11:03:23 p.m. Sgt. Wallace, Officer Evans and Sgt. Nettles drive their marked cruisers to the rest area. The SRT truck parks immediately behind Mustang to block its exit.

— 11:04:53 p.m. Officer advises dispatch, “We’re getting out.” Wallace activates his light bar on the Mustang as he arrives on the scene.

— 11:05:35 p.m. Hoskins alerts EMS shots fired at rest area and advises EMS to proceed to the rest area immediately.

— 11:05:52 p.m. Tones go off and all stations are alerted to the rest area. “Shots fired.”

— 11:05:58 p.m. Male calls dispatch requesting ambulance to rest area.

— 11:06:37 p.m. Medic One advises he is enroute to rest area.

— 11:07:02 p.m. FBI Special Agent Dave Lowery calls dispatch as he has been alerted a suspected bank robber is in Georgetown. Dispatch tells Lowery units are in the area and shots have been fired and requests he call back later.

— 11:08:28 p.m. EMS is requested again. “We need them here now.”

— 11:08:41 p.m. A backboard is requested

— 11:09:52 p.m. Swanigan makes his way to rest area.

— 11:11:09 p.m. Medic One arrives on scene.

— 11:12:51 p.m. Hampton is alerted that shots were fired. Sheriff asks if everyone is OK Dispatch says “as far as I am aware.”

— 11:13:55 p.m. Bosse is alerted and advises he is on his way.

— 11:14:08 p.m. Radio traffic advises EMS is leaving rest area and heading to University of Kentucky Medical Center. Police units advise they will block traffic at Exit 129.

— 11:14:55 p.m. UK Medical Center is alerted and several units escort ambulance. Dispatch is alerted another EMS unit is needed for suspect.

— 11:15:11 p.m. Lexington Public Safety is alerted a gunshot victim is being taken to UK Medical Center.

— 11:15:31 p.m. Dispatch alerts UK Medical Center it is possible an officer has been shot.

— 11:19:26 p.m. FBI Special Agent Nuffy Scott from Ft. Myers, Florida, calls about Reynolds about shots fired complaint. Dispatch explains they have no information at this time.

— 11:23:29 p.m. Scott County Coroner John Goble is called to the rest area.

— 11:36:45 p.m. Hampton alerts dispatch he is enroute to UK and to get Morales’ parents’ contact information

— 11:39:33 p.m. Kentucky State Police dispatcher calls and offers assistance.

— 11:40:48 p.m. Dispatch contacts Hampton with Morales’ emergency contact information. Sheriff advises two units contact Morales’ mother and have her respond to UK. Offer escort.

— 11:48:49 p.m. Sheriff’s units arrive at home of Morales’ mother and take her to the hospital.

The original call came in at 10:16:31. SRT advised dispatch at 11:04:53 they were getting out of the armor truck and at 11:05:29 officers advised, “shots fired.”

Thirty-six seconds.

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