In the Christmas issue of our paper I would like to share with you a poem that a friend of mind in North Carolina has written for a special Christmas program.  She is a young women who has gone through many serious health and other kinds of problems, but they have in no way stopped her from school, from work, from sharing her talents in many is writing. She writes for me a Christmas poem each year and this year she wrote  this and I have shared it with numbers of people at Christmas events.

For this week and it history, its celebration, its time for many good things, it is for me appreciation that Wanda Mills wrote this and that in her ability and in way she read it to groups and to me and I want to share with you this holiday:



It's Christmas time again

With all the lights and tinsel

On the tree.

Children dancing with glee

Wondering what in their stocking would be.

Mama's baking cookies and pies

Then gift wrapping daddy's ties.

Christmas carols being sung

And wreaths are hung,

The aroma of apples cider fills the air

But for some it's so sour.

The season is so merry

With everyone in a hurry.

And hustle and bustle let us not forget the night

The angels appeared in sights

Bringing good news of peace on earth

Because of the Savior's birth.

--Wanda Mills


"And to all a good night."

--Joe Rhinehart

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