Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can ho, ho, ho. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite. You’ll find funnier jokes than these at the new Georgetown comedy club, Laughing Skulls. The new club hopes to attract a crowd that’s tired of traveling to Lexington or even Louisville for comic relief. 

According to club owner Monty Chisley, the 125-seat club is a calculated risk for him and his partners. Chisley is a location manager at First Cash and has seen enough business models to know what to look for in a successful venture. 

“We took a look at the growth in the area, the new developments on this side of town and just the need for more things to do in the area,” said Chisley. 

The club is currently open for amateur night on Wednesday and Friday and Saturday night for headliners. Chisley was surprised at the enthusiasm and the big turnout for amateur night. The club welcomes members of the community to perform for nine minutes. The winner is then invited to open for the headliner on the coming weekend. The judges are the staff, including local comedian Goo McIntyre who is the house Master of Ceremonies (MC) at Laughing Skull. McIntyre has been drawing crowds to his comedy in central Kentucky for years. Chisley thinks he’s the perfect fit for MC at the club saying, “he’s a very funny guy.”  

McIntrye and Chisley are both Scott County High School graduates and committed to making the club successful. Chisley hopes the community will see the value in an evening at the club.

“We have designed the experience to cost about as much as going to the movies,” said Chisley. “Only you’re getting live entertainment.”

Laughing Skull opens at 7:30 p.m. about half an hour before the show and stays open until around 10 p.m.  

“Sometimes the customers just want to hang out for a while and talk after the show and that’s fine with us,” said Chisley.

The club is located at 401 Outlet Drive. 

Chisley and his partners ultimately chose the location for the parking that was available, he said. 

“We looked at several properties in downtown Georgetown but we just couldn’t make the parking work.”  

Chisley and his partners are hoping to see continual growth in the New Year. 

“We have this great facility now and our staff is concentrating on customer service,” said Chisley. “We’re ready to entertain our friends and neighbors, because really, who doesn’t like to laugh?”


Jackie Anders can be reached at janders@news-graphic.com.

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