"Dune" is set in the distant future on planets not like our own. There is a drug known as spice on the planet Arrakis. It is known within wealthy circles to give abilities of transcending time and space.

When the House of Atreides, mainly Leto (Oscar Isaac), Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and Paul (Timothée Chalamet), moves in on Arrakis, others, like the Harkonnen and Fremen, are not happy with the arrival.

The Fremen warn of many before Leto who have failed to harvest Arrakis' resources and Harkonnen wish to kill those who impose on the land. But, Paul, the Duke to the House of Atreides is recognized by those who live on the planet. Almost as if he has been a part of them for some time.

A Messiah.

"Dune," this time directed by Dennis Villeneuve, is based off the sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert. The story has been adapted several times for the screen over the years, most notably, until now, by David Lynch in 1984.

Right off the bat I'll let you know I am very particular about the sci-fi I watch. I am not overly impressed with big ships and laser weapons often. I did, however, prefer the shield effects in this "Dune" compared to the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em whatever-Jello-style shields Lynch used, and the dragonfly ships.

"Dune," I understand, is complex, but the movie felt very much like a nearly three-hour trailer. The first half of the movie was made for expositional dialogue to cover the bases of the universe. The middle was exactly what you see in the trailers found on television or the internet. And, the second half, finally, is where interest is peaked.

That may sound harsh, and I guess it is, but I do plan to follow the "Dune" series. The second-half hooked me enough. I want big battle scenes and tons of action. That is what I blindly expected in this first installment. But, that's what I get for walking in blind as a non-sci-fi guy.

Timothée Chalet was a great Paul. I would say, he fit the suit perfectly. And Oscar Isaac, a very commanding Leto.

The most interesting aspect about the story of "Dune" is its comparisons to faith. I recognized a lot of Christian elements in the film, such as the expectation of a Messiah and the sacrificial character portrayed by Paul (Chalamet). In reading about this element of the story, many others have attributed it to several different faiths. However one tries to describe the "Dune" story, that is the most intriguing aspect to me—the element of faith.

"Dune" is in theaters now or on HBOMax.

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