Craig Foster, a fed up nature filmmaker, longs to be "inside the natural world." To do this he finds himself taking a deep dive into the ocean.

My Octopus Teacher is an unexpected delight full of color and wonder.

Foster spends roughly a year diving and exploring an underwater forest. There he meets an unlikely friend. An octopus.

Day after day, Foster returns to learn more and get closer to the octopus. He takes his time, gradually developing a trust that is unbelievable and this is unfolding right in front of you.

Personally, I have long been mesmerized by water. The ebb and flow. The often beautiful blue colors. So, I was intrigued seeing this on an Academy Award nominated list of films. But, I am often skeptical a nature documentary can keep my attention. My Octopus Teacher does just that. You are drawn deeper into the relationship between human and creature until you, yourself, begin to feel the octopus is your friend.

The underwater cinematography is breathtaking. The story is sweet. It all flows well together.

Seeing a film like this does make me wonder, how does one get so close to a creature like this?

My Octopus Teacher is a neat little pearl that I'm glad I stopped to admire.

The film is available on Netflix.

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