Travel the world with Agent Hartley and Nolan Booth, an unlikely duo attempting to out-wit the beautiful Bishop in Netflix's "Red Notice."
This action-comedy is full of just that, fast-paced action and over the top questionable innuendos. But, it's Deadpool, I mean, Ryan Reynolds, so it's funny--most of the time.
With several twists and a virtually perfect cast of anti-heroes, this two-hour adventure will fly by.
I am surprised no one thought to release this movie in April as Booth, Hartley and The Bishop are after golden eggs. Not those the Easter Bunny hides, but those that carry astronomical value, but ultimately lead to downfall.
Remember, it is said, money is the root of all evil. Just thought I'd throw that in there, as to not promote stealing valuables. You are welcome.
Personally I enjoyed the subtleties of references throughout the film. This is all done in fun. And speaking of "featured extras"--you'll get it if you watch the movie after reading...maybe--I have to ask, Andrew Hunter, how was it getting Ryan Reynold's clip-on tie? Great work.
Ultimately, "Red Notice" is a blast of a movie. It is a great flick to get lost in for a couple of hours and relax on a Saturday...or any day.

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