"Val," a documentary so close to the heart, that the life it highlights only shines bright, is a look inside the life and roles of actor Val Kilmer.

Jack Kilmer, Val's son, narrates this documentary as Val has undergone a battle with throat cancer and now has to speak only through an electronic larynx. (Although, according to reports from IndieWire and other sources, the actor is working the recreate his voice using AI software.)

I can only imagine how terrifyingly beautiful and rewarding producing this documentary was for the team and family. Working in many filmmaking environments, whether it be documentary or narrative film, a bond is often forged. "Val" is such a rich and intimate story and to have Val Kilmer's words read by his son, Jack, that had to be an emotional roller coaster during production.

Throughout, you see how dedicated to life Val is as he opens his vault into a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes, personally recorded home video.

He opens up a world into what he and his brothers originally created in their backyard and journeys all the way to his final play as Mark Twain.

Though Val has a hard time speaking or being understood now, it is not hard to understand the man's appreciation for life and the present moment, while also recognizing the importance of archiving history.

Kilmer's life life really leaps through the screen and penetrates the heart.

"Val" is a must see for anyone who appreciates human nature and just being alive.

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