“I scream, you scream, everybody screams.”

We no longer have to scream, but you are bound to hear a few screams.

Why? Well, if you look on the right side of Main Street, you will see one of Main’s old landmarks, a beautifully built three-section business building that has filled that space for over 100 years.

And it is filled with, just look around and you will see a beautifully decorated room, walls covered in pictures that make your mouth water.

But why?


Ice cream.

Yes, walls covered with pictures of ice cream, and then you look down into a row of pots, filled with a dozen kinds of ice cream that will make your mouth water as you decide what flavor you will choose. And it is going to be very hard to decide which you want.

Beth Richardson and Philip Enlow have built an ice cream store, Spotz Gelato, that will fit into Georgetown’s beautiful and growing Main Street.

Ice cream has long been one of my favorite, shall I say, foods, when my grandfather had a country “everything” store including ice cream. And he would always let us, my brother and I, have a dip of strawberry or chocolate after school. Or in the summer evening when we turned forever in the making of an ice cream bucket.

Beth and Philip know what they are doing. They have a shop in Versailles, and would you believe it? Las Penitas, Nicaragua. I have also watched them make and serve their gelato, and I can hardly not keep from screaming.

Spotz Gelato also is available on vintage food trucks at festivals, weddings and other events, as well as for private parties.

Oh! This ice cream parlor in Nicaragua.

Did you know that Beth and Philip are not the first Kentuckians to have a business in Nicaragua? Abraham Lincoln, as president, appointed Thomas Hart Clay, the son of Henry Clay, to become the ambassador of Nicaragua in the 1860s.

For me, ice cream will always be ice cream and I don’t know any that I could not eat, including gelato.

The motto of Spotz Gelato is: “Handcrafted, Small Batch, Local.”

Joe Rhinehart can be reached by  e-mail at joeprhinehart@gmail.com.

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