“Hooray. Chemo ends today.” 

That’s what letters placed in Meagan and Jeff Willhite’s yard spelled out. Meagan, a teacher at Lemon’s Mill Elementary school has finished chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Her husband Jeff organized a parade for her to celebrate the milestone.

Cars full of family and friends close to the Willhites circled in front of their house Friday.  

“We sent this (idea) to three or four different people and from there it just spread like wildfire,” Jeff said about the turnout for the parade. 

Family and friends are what matter most to the Willhite’s in these moments. 

“At the end of the day it’s all about family and friends,” Jeff said.

Car windows had messages of support written on them, kids and adults were waving pink balloons out windows as they drove by, people were yelling, “we love you” at the top of their lungs and honks rang like liberty bells.  

Meagan blew kisses, cheered and waved in appreciation. 

“You can only do so much on your own,” Meagan said. “A supportive family and loving husband and good friends, and co-workers and all that stuff, it just means so much.”

The Willhites are glad to have passed this mile marker in their journey. 

“(It’s) Been a day on the calendar for a while and it finally came, middle of a pandemic, but that’s ok,” Meagan said. “Still got it done.”


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