Some of Scott County’s community leaders have come together to start a Scott County Community Relief Fund in response to COVID-19. 

In a video that went live Wednesday morning, Transform Scott County executive director Nathaniel Price, along with Mayor Tom Prather, Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington, city attorney Devon Golden and Alonzo Allen with Lean Business Solutions, spoke on what the relief fund will support. 

“We’re coming to you today for what is a difficult time but an exciting moment, as I imagine everyone who is watching this now, this COVID-19 has affected you personally in some way,” Price said in the video. “And as goes many communities, it is certainly impacting Scott County, and so we here in Scott County have decided we’re going to do something about it to the best of our ability. 

“There’s been lots of efforts happening, but we’re most concerned about what happens when the relief checks end, and all this other stuff maybe ends, how do we help people in our community who have been directly affected by COVID-19?”

Contributions will go toward helping provide food, utilities and housing for those affected by COVID-19.

“Scott County is a special, special place and what makes it special is how we take care of each other when times are tough,” said Covington in the video. “And, this is a tough time, probably over 9,000 individual applications for unemployment benefits right here in Scott County. 

“We know that as time goes on, the need’s going to grow. And, I’m just asking you as an individual to consider supporting this effort.” 

The contribution is tax-deductible, Price said. 

“This is our opportunity to make a difference for people and to show our humanity during this,” Prather said in the video.

Price wants to assure everyone that every donation will go to help those affected by this pandemic. 

“We’ve got to do this together,” Price said. “We don’t know how big the need is. We don’t know how long this will go. But, what I know is that Scott County is always better together, and I hope you see that from this video here today. 

“Please if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at We thank you all for your support. And, let’s get through this together.” 

For more information visit the Transform Scott County website or the Facebook pages of Scott County Judge-Executive, City of Georgetown or Transform Scott County. A charity GoFundMe page has also been created.


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