Are you a graduating high school senior? 

Johnson’s Funeral Home has an offer for all graduating high school seniors who are residents of Scott County. Whether you attend a public high school, private high school or are homeschooled, Johnson’s is offering free graduation tribute videos for seniors. 

“We kept trying to think of a way to make 2020 something memorable (for seniors) other than face masks, hand sanitizer and the ‘great toilet paper run of 2020,’” said Toney Chaney, co-owner of Johnson’s Funeral Home. 

Videos include 200 photos of the graduating senior, videos around 10 seconds in length and music.

Johnson’s Funeral Home uploaded a video to Facebook Tuesday with details about submitting for a tribute video.  

“What we have done, we have created a separate email address just for this occasion,” said Grant Bolt, co-owner of Johnson’s Funeral Home, in the Facebook video. “It is” 

To submit, send an email to with the graduates name the way it should appear in the video, the name of the school, any sports or hobbies the senior is involved in, Bolt said. Also include email and phone numbers. 

“We’ve told the students,’have fun with it,’” Chaney said.

The response has been wonderful in just 24 hours, he said. About 90 people have already responded and more are expected. 

Each family will get two copies of the video. 

This offer is open all summer and even into the fall. There is no rush, or timeline, Chaney said. They want seniors to have time to go through the photos they want to include. 

Johnson’s Funeral Home is even considering making this an annual offer, Chaney said. They also want to encourage other communities with the resources to do the same.


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