pastoral statement

Some 30 Scott County pastors, community leaders and organizations have signed a “Statement of Unity Against Racism.”

“This statement is not meant to be an exhaustive, complete or perfect response,” reads the statement. “It is the impetus going forward for all that have signed below.”

The statement comes from a series of meetings – some that actually began as long as 18 months ago – among pastors and community leaders that encourages communication and conversation.

The statement has four key points:

--To express sorrow for the loss of life among African-American individuals in our country.

--To inform the public of our ongoing commitment and conversations between elected officials, law enforcement, pastors and other community leaders.

--To pray for God’s help in establishing deeper mutual understanding and a renewed commitment to actively work against racism.

--To affirm the example of peaceful protest among the young people of our community and their supporters.

Transform Scott County helped put the statement together. Director Nathaniel Price said the list contains mostly “contacts and relationships” with Transform Scott County, and he said he is certain there are others who would wish to sign the statement.

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