Scott County’s high school principals tried to touch all bases for graduating seniors with a proposal that included a virtual ceremony preceded by a parade with the understanding a face-to-face ceremony would be held no later than July if possible.

The Scott County Board of Education praised the proposal with a unanimous approval.

Herff Jones, a national company specializing in graduation products, has a virtual graduation platform in place that has been in use for several years by high schools and universities, said Scott County High School principal Moecha Williams,

"We have worked hard on this proposal and for weeks we have been meeting with students getting their input,” Williams said. “This proposal meets all the requirements including formality, safety and we believe achieves the caliber of event we want.”

A Homecoming-style parade would be held along the bypass preceding the virtual ceremony which would be treated like a red carpet move-style event, where seniors and their families can watch from home on YouTube. 

Seniors would receive a free copy of the virtual graduation and it could be viewed for up to a year following the ceremony, Williams said.

Even with a virtual ceremony, if conditions permit, a formal face-to-face ceremony could still be held in late July,” Williams said. However, a face-to-face ceremony would have to be held by July as students will likely become more and more unavailable from August on, she said.

“We all would rather have a traditional graduation,” said board chairman Kevin Kidwell.

Look for details in the Thursday edition of the News-Graphic.

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