Scott County Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub always stressed things could change in a moment’s notice when discussing the start of school.

He was right.

Based upon the recommendation by Gov. Andy Beshear Monday, the start of Scott County Schools has been moved to Sept. 8 with virtual classes. The school system will begin in-person classes on Oct. 12, after fall break.

The original plan for Scott County Schools was to start in-person classes Aug. 26 giving students the options of in-person, virtual or pencil and packet instruction. To this point, everything the school system has done has been with in-person instruction planned. 

But the recent spike in COVID-19 cases statewide and in Scott County has had government, health and school officials scrambling to bring the spiking numbers of confirmed cases under control. Making it more difficult for the school system is the recent number of Scott County's confirmed coronavirus cases are more and more school-age young people. Over the past week, 13 young people under the age of 18 have been confirmed with the coronavirus in Scott County.

“I think planning for in-person instruction was the right thing to do,” Hub said. “There will be fewer hiccups when we transition from virtual to in-person classes.”

The decision to delay the start of school from Aug. 26 to Sept. 8 is to enable teachers to be better prepared.

“We spent so much time preparing for in-person instruction, I thought it was only right to allow our teachers time to adjust to virtual instruction.” Hub said.

Beshear asked schools to wait until Sept. 28 to begin in-person classes, but Scott County has delayed that until Oct. 12. The first full week of October is scheduled to be fall break.

“There has never been any discussion to eliminate fall break,” Hub said. “So, holding a week of in-person classes before fall break just made no sense at all. In fact, continuing with virtual instruction until fall break makes sense because then teachers can complete full units of instruction.

“I think it is perfect timing. When we come back from fall break, it will be the perfect time to start in-person instruction.”

Many school employees do not take fall break, so a renewed plan to clean the schools in preparation for in-person classes during the fall break will also be beneficial, Hub said.

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