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June 5, 2020

Vol. 70, No. 57

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By Mike Scogin
Georgetown News-Graphic

The actions of the
Minneapolis police officer
who held a knee at the
neck of George Floyd
were “inappropriate and
inconsistent,” with proper
police training, said
Georgetown Police Chief
Michael Bosse in a statement
released Thursday via
the police’s department’s
Facebook page.
Floyd died while handcuffed
and lying in the street with
the officer’s knee at his neck.

Protests have broken out
across the nation condemning
the actions of the police officer
who has been charged with
second degree murder. Three
other Minneapolis officers
have been charged with aiding
and abetting in Floyd’s death.
“Last week, the information
concerning the death of
George Floyd was still
unfolding,” Bosse said. “This
past Tuesday and throughout
the week, the officers and
our staff have discussed
the incident in detail. I
think it’s important for our
citizens to know what that

witnessed in the video were
inappropriate and inconsistent
with any police training
they had received regarding
the treatment of persons in
The police chief added the
assisting police officers should
have intervened on Floyd’s
“Every single (GPD) officer
also agreed that the other
officers present with Chauvin
had a responsibility to
intervene,” Bosse said. “Our
officers reaffirmed their

‘Our officers reaffirmed their
commitment to one another to
intervene to stop a fellow officer’s
conduct if they see them acting

Michael Bosse
Georgetown Police Chief
discussion was.
“First, there was not a
single officer who attempted

to defend the behavior of
ex-Officer Derek Chauvin.
Not one. The actions they

See GPD,10A

Long Lick Pike closed
for roundabout at
bypass intersection
Monday. A round-about will be
installed at the juncture, but
only after some last minute
Construction on the bypass
maneuvers by the Scott County
around Georgetown is nearing
Fiscal Court and Thayer.
completion, said State Sen.
Originally, a round-about was
Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown.
planned for the intersection
“The bypass is on schedule to
and approved under the Bevin
be completed on schedule this
administration, Thayer said.
fall,” Thayer said.
When Gov. Andy Beshear
The $20 million project
took office, efforts were
covers about five miles
made to trim some costs
and is the final link in a
and the round-about was
project that has stretched
replaced with stop signs,
almost three decades.
he said.
“This fall Scott County
County Judge-Executive
citizens will be able to go
Joe Pat Covington and the
completely around the
fiscal court heard about
bypass,” Thayer said.
the change they contacted
“I’ve been working on this
the state Transportation
project ever since I first took
Cabinet and were told it was a
office and it’s exciting to see it
matter of costs and engineers
near completion.”
had determined stop signs were
As the final leg nears
completion, a major
“That’s not right,” Covington
intersection at Long Lick Pike
said at a fiscal court meeting
and the bypass will undergo
a transformation starting
By Mike Scogin
Georgetown News-Graphic

Effective as of June 2, the News-Graphic adjusted its print
publication schedule to a midweek edition on Tuesday and
weekend edition on Friday.
The change is permanent and is necessary due unprecedented
economic challenges caused the coronavirus pandemic.
During the past two months, 233,437 unique visitors turned
to our website, to stay informed. The
combination of our digital presence — website, mobile website
and app — plus our Tuesday/Friday print editions will provide
our readers with round-the-clock coverage.

CKY Homes


Pauline Duncan proudly shows off her picture of UK head basketball coach John Calipari. Duncan received the photo for her
upcoming 103rd birthday, June 19.

Duncan celebrates 103rd birthday
Harrison County, she said.
But when she was little her
parents moved to Georgetown, Scott County.
Duncan’s family means a lot
to her, she said.
“I have a wonderful family,
you can’t imagine how good
both sides of my family are to

By James Scogin
Georgetown News-Graphic

Pauline Duncan turns 103
years-old June 19, a birthday
she says is wonderful.
“I’ve enjoyed my life,” she
Duncan was born in 1917 in



Maxine Reed, 76
Joe Wilhoite, 81
James Michael “Jimmy”
Brandenburg, 52



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me,” Duncan said. “I couldn’t
live here at home if it wasn’t
for them.”
She is known to keep up
with friends and family on
the phone and even keep up
with Facebook, her family


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