Some 19 rounds “from more than a hand gun,” were fired at a car on the Paris Pike/I-75 exit ramp around midnight Wednesday morning, said Georgetown Police Chief Michael Bosse.

“We received a report of a shooting on the overpass on Paris Pike,” Bosse said. “When officers arrived they found a car with multiple bullet holes and inside a victim with multiple gunshot wounds.”

The victim, who is expected to survive, was apparently followed from Lexington by the shooter, Bosse said.

The area was blocked for more than four hours as police searched for spent shells. Some 19 rounds were recovered.

The location and number of spent shells concerns Bosse.

“From the rounds fired, knowing it was more than a handgun, numerous innocent bystanders were endangered,” he said. “Those bullets have to stop somewhere and these were capable of going through windshields and doors.”

No arrests have been made. The name and details on the victim were withheld due to the ongoing investigation. If anyone has information contact the Georgetown Police Department at 502-863-7826.   

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