Scott County’s middle and high school students scored above 50 percent proficient or distinguished in writing, but lower in reading, math and science, according to statewide spring 2021 test results released by the Kentucky Department of Education this week.

“We are very proud of these scores,” said Robin Taylor, district assessment and student achievement coordinator. Because much of last school year was spent in virtual learning, and the tests were taken online due to the pandemic, these test results cannot be fairly compared to test results in the past, she said.

Even so, actual participation in the tests was high with 98 percent of elementary students, 97 percent of middle school and 89 percent of high school students participating.

“Our participation rate was great considering the year we had,” Taylor said. “Our scores decreased slightly from last year, but the students were up against a lot. I feel we are better able to support our novice students (with in-person classes).

“This is a tiny piece of data. We have a three-year plan to recover lost learning from last year. All our teachers took nine hours of professional development focused on recovery learning. We are identifying individual gaps, social and emotional gaps. We have increased tools for schools along with training.”

Key test information includes:

—All tests were given online

—A shortened form of the test was given

—Students were given less time than in the past

—Reading and math tests were provided to grades 3-8 and 10

—Science tests were give to grades 4,7 and 11

—Writing tests were given to grades 5,8, and 11

—ACT was given to grade 11.

Writing scores were highest among middle and high school students with 59.8 of the middle school students and 62 percent of high school students scoring proficient or distinguished. Some 38 percent of elementary students scored proficient or distinguished.

The writing score breakdown is as follows:

—Elementary: 14.5 — novice; 47.5 — apprentice; 30.2 percent — proficient; 7.8 percent — distinguished.

—Middle School: 11 percent — novice; 29.3 percent — apprentice; 38.3 percent proficient; 21.4 percent distinguished

—High School: 7.3 percent — novice; 30.7 percent — apprentice; 38.6 percent proficient; 23.4 percent distinguished.

Districtwide, science scores were the lowest followed by math and reading. Reading scores for middle school students fell just below 50 percent proficient or distinguished. 

Scores for other subjects are as follows:

Reading score breakdown:

—Elementary: 36.2 percent — novice; 25.4 percent — apprentice; 26.5 percent — proficient; 11.9 percent — distinguished.

—Middle School: 25.6 percent — novice; 24.5 percent — apprentice; 30.2 percent — proficient; 19.7 percent — distinguished

—High School: 29.9 percent — novice; 31.8 percent — apprentice; 25.5 percent — proficient; 12.8 percent — distinguished.

Math score breakdown:

—Elementary: 26.4 percent — novice; 40.7 percent — apprentice; 24.2 percent — proficient; 8.7 percent -- distinguished.

—Middle School: 25.4 percent — novice; 43.2 percent — apprentice; 23.3 percent — proficient; 8.1 percent — distinguished

—High School: 31.4 percent — novice; 33.9 percent — apprentice; 27.6 percent — proficient; 7.2 percent — distinguished.

Science score breakdown:

—Elementary: 15 percent — novice; 58 percent — apprentice; 23.73 percent — proficient; 3.7 percent —ww distinguished.

—Middle School: 27.9 percent — novice; 47 percent — apprentice; 22 percent — proficient; 3.1 percent — distinguished

—High School: 21.4 percent — novice; 45.6 percent — apprentice; 29 percent — proficient; 4 percent — distinguished.

The districts average ACT test score was 18.6. Both Great Crossing and Scott County high schools averaged 18.8 ACT scores. Districtwide, 43 percent of students taking the ACT reached the English benchmark including 46 at GCHS and 41 at SCHS. In math, 23 percent of the district’s students reached he ACT benchmark in math including 37 at GCHS and 35 at SCHS. In reading, 36 percent of district students reached the ACT benchmark with 49 at GCHS and 48 at SCHS. Phoenix Horizon 11th grade high school students also took the ACT.

Scott County’s four-year graduation rate is at 87.3 percent, increasing to 94.1 percent after five years. The accountable rate is 90.7 percent of the school districts students graduate.


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