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Andrew Baker is named the new Director of the Gathering Place mission.

Andrew Baker is the new director of the Gathering Place Mission. Baker has worked in Lexington and Frankfort, gaining more than 10 years of experience before returning home to Georgetown. 

He served at Access Soup Kitchen in Frankfort and as director of restorative services at Lexington Rescue Mission in Lexington. 

He is excited to bring his passion with him in this new role, Baker said.

The Gathering Place Mission is a shelter located off of Bourbon Street.   

Many have already welcomed Baker back into the community, and it has been a great homecoming, he said. 

“Having 10 years experience in my hometown, I know everybody out there, and I know how to do this,” Baker said. “That is extremely exciting to me… This has been a really good week.” 

Baker says he is excited about having made new connections just this week, as well, from Boston community members to local business owners. 

“To have these connections early, and to know what I’m doing, I feel very comfortable,” Baker said.

“I feel like I’m supposed to be here,” he said. 


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