Federal Express is planning to build a 317,520 sq. ft. warehouse/distribution center in Georgetown.

The warehouse will be located at the Georgetown Industrial Park off the bypass and is expected to open in about 12 months.

Construction has been slowed by the lack of sufficient sewage capacity, but the city, state and the Scott County Public Health Department are working on a plan to allow the project to move forward. A possible compromise would allow temporary holding tanks to be installed, but regulations allow holding tanks to be used for only two years. Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer Service has started the South Sewer Project which will lay sewer lines down U.S. 25 to Fayette County, and extend sewer service into unserved areas within the city limits. Once completed this project will provide adequate sewer capacity to the FedEx building, but the project will not be complete for three years.

Although nothing has been finalized, officials said they are working on a compromise plan to allow construction to proceed, noting the South Sewer Project is already under way.

Although an entrance onto the bypass is available — across from the entrance to Anderson Properties and Southland Christian Church — developers have opted to instead use entrances off Carlee Drive and Kanden Lane, planning officials said. These entrances are necessary because of the size of the trucks and other equipment that will be using the facility, developers said during planning commission meetings.

Developer Brett Setzer could not be reached for comment, but during meetings with the Georgetown/Scott County Planning Commission, developers said hiring would be done in shifts. The exact number of anticipated employees was not disclosed.


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