With only a handful of absentee ballots received through Thursday, Scott County election officials will release a new voting total late Friday. 

Unofficial early voting totals show some 65 percent of Scott County’s registered voters cast a ballot Tuesday. Absentee ballots mailed and postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3, and received by Friday, Nov. 6 will be added to that total. Voting totals will not be complete, however, until Nov. 10 when any absentee ballots with signature questions are cured or discarded.

Through 10 a.m. Thursday, some 28 absentee ballots were received by the Scott County Clerk’s Office since Election Day. Six of those ballots were postmarked after Nov. 3 and will not be included in the final total, leaving 22 absentee ballots received since Tuesday, said Amber Hoffman, county elections coordinator. In addition, some 12 absentee ballots remain that must be “cured” or the signatures must be verified by affidavits. The deadline for that is Tuesday, Nov. 10.

“On Friday, we’ll call the post office about 3 p.m. to see what ballots have been received,” Hoffman said. “We’ll collect those and release a new tally Friday afternoon.”

The early vote totals show the possibility of two newcomers to the Georgetown City Council. The top eight capture seats on the council and every incumbent sought re-election.

Longtime council member David Lusby leads with 5,965 votes followed closely by Todd Stone with 5,925 votes. The others in order include: Karen Tingle-Sames, 5,843, Connie Tackett, 5,547, Willow Hambrick, 5,402, Mark Showalter, 5,235, Tammy Lusby-Mitchell, 5,170, Greg Hampton, 4,785, Marvin Thompson, 4,756, Polly Singer-Eardley, 4,303, Sonja Wilkins Brent, 4,067, Hillary Hunt, 3,872, Maya Maybry, 3,502, Dean Strong, 3,348 and Steve Price, 2,571. 

A former Teacher of the Year, Hambrick appears to have won her first election to the council placing fifth in the early results. Only 29 votes separate newcomer Hampton and incumbent Thompson for the eighth and final seat on the council. Singer-Eardley, another incumbent trails Thompson by some 453 votes.

President Donald Trump, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and U.S. Rep. Andy Barr each carried Scott County. Amy McGrath of Georgetown, challenged McConnell but lost in the county with 11,231 votes to McConnell’s 16,395.

Rapper Kanye West pulled 90 votes in Scott County for president, behind Libertarian Jo Jorgensen Jeremy “Spike Cohen with 479. Nine candidates collected votes in Scott County for president. Trump led with 17,750 to Joe Biden’s 10,550.

In other local races:

—State Sen. Damon Thayer, who represents the 17th District, easily carried Scott County with 18,356 votes over challenger Jason Stroube’s 10,106 votes.

—State Rep. Phillip Pratt, representing the 62nd District, carried Scott County with 12,779 votes to challenger David Mayo’s 6,167 votes 

—State Rep. Mark Hart, representing the 78th District carried Scott County with 2,074 votes to challenger James Toller’s 786.

—State Rep. Savannah Maddox was re-elected wth 4,831 votes in Scott County. Her only competition was write-in candidate Debby Lucas Angel who had 36 votes.

—Scott County Board of Education members, Diana Brooker, JoAnna Fryman and Susan Duncan were each unopposed and were re-elected. 

—Dwayne Ellison, who was appointed to represent the Fifth District on the Scott County Fiscal Court was unopposed for election to the seat.

—Some 17,016 voted in favor of Constitutional Amendment 1, while 9,394 voted no.

—Some 18,657 voted no for Constitutional Amendment 2, while 8,121 voted yes.

David H. Clark led for the Stamping Ground City Commission with 167 votes followed by Robert Jones, 156, Dale L. Perry, 147, Jessie Zagaruyku, 147 and Robert Duncan 145. The top four will be elected. 

Debra Stamper led the race for Sadieville City Commission with 80 votes followed by Jennifer Halsey, 68 votes, April Cannon, 65, Brian Reese, 54, Victor Stanley, 54 and Jean Epperson-Stanley, 49. The top four will be elected.

The election will not be official until Nov. 10 and will not be certified until later in the year.

The 65 percent turnout for the 2020 election was the second best in Scott County history, behind 2008 when some 68.4 percent of the county’s registered voters participated. The turnout was better than the 2016 presidential election when 63.7 percent of the county’s registered voters cast a ballot. 

Almost half the Scott County voters in the 2020 election voted a straight ticket. Some 9,576 voters voted a straight GOP ticket, while 4,415 voted a straight Democratic ticket and 272 voted a straight Libertarian ticket.


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