Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles examining the salaries and benefits paid to Scott County’s public employees.


The annual salary package for Georgetown’s sitting council members ranges from its base of just less than $13,082 to almost $31,000, according to the city’s finance records obtained through an open records request.

Each council member is paid a base salary of $12,068.29. Add in the annual cost of social security at $748.23, Medicare at $174.99, workers’ compensation insurance and basic life insurance policy and the minimum salary package for a council member is $13,081.87.

Although council members are considered part-time employees because most have other occupations, it has been a long-standing policy to allow them to receive the same benefit package as full-time city employees, which includes health and dental insurance as well as an option for a Health Savings Account, which helps cover insurance deductibles. The value of that benefit package can vary depending upon what options are selected, but can range from a high of $17,832.12 to zero. 

Former mayor and incumbent Karen Tingle-Sames is Georgetown’s highest paid council member receiving the full benefit package plus the Health Savings Account, valued at $3,000 annually for both herself and her husband. Tingle-Sames’ total salary plus benefits package is $30,913.99

At the other end of the spectrum is council member Mark Showalter who is paid the minimum $13,081.87 annually. Todd Stone isn’t far ahead of Showalter making $13,552.27 because he takes the $470.40 annual dental plan.

The remainder of the salaries for council members fall in the $20,000 plus range.

Marvin Thompson and Connie Tackett each draw $28,000.99 in salaries and benefits as council members. They each receive all health insurance benefits except the Health Savings Account. Their annual health insurance benefits are $14,361.72 each plus $470.40 in dental insurance each.

David Lusby draws $26,734.63 in salary and benefits. The difference is Lusby’s annual health insurance premiums are $12,952.32, but he receives dental for his family at an annual premium of $700.44.

Polly Singer-Eardley is paid $22,233.19 to serve on the council. Singer-Eardley’s annual health insurance premium is $7.180.91 plus she receives the $1,500 health savings Account for herself in addition to $470.40 in dental insurance.

Tammy Lusby-Mitchell is paid $20,886.19, which includes $7,590.56 in annual health insurance premiums plus $213.36 in a dental insurance plan.

The annual salaries and benefits costs for Georgetown’s council members is $183,404.15, of which $96,546.32 are base salaries, $5,985.87 in social security, $1,399.92 in Medicare, $337.91 in worker’s compensation insurance, and $384.96 in a life insurance policy, according to the city budget. 

Health insurance costs for the council is $70,983.36 annually, $4,500 for the Health Savings Account and $3,265.80 for dental insurance.

Council members do not receive other benefits such as retirement or long-term          disability.

Mayor Tom Prather’s salary package, including benefits is $118,556.13. The mayor, which is a full-time position, receives an annual base salary of $78,245.25, which includes $620.28 for automobile allowance. The mayor’s salary plus deductions such as social security of $4,851.21; Medicare tax of $1,134.56; worker’s compensation insurance of $273.86; life insurance of $48.12 and a long-term disability policy of $258.21 equals to a total base salary of $84,811.21.

In addition, Prather receives health insurance at an annual cost of $14,448.72, retirement at an annual cost of $18,825.81 and dental insurance at an annual cost of $470.40 to bring the mayor’s total annual compensation package to $118,556.13.


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