SADIEVILLE — The city commission swore in its four commissioners, including one new member, at its Monday night meeting.

Newly elected commissioner Jennifer Halsey was sworn in alongside incumbent commissioners Victor Stanley, April Cannon and Debra Stamper.

However, Cannon announced she would be resigning from her position as public works commissioner in early 2021 for personal reasons. Cannon had tried to resign earlier in the month, but there were issues with her resignation letter that led to it be delayed.

“She had submitted a letter of resignation, but it wasn’t dated when it was effective and she did not sign in,” said Sadieville Mayor Robert Wagoner. “We couldn’t accept it as an official document.”

Once the city receives Cannon’s corrected resignation letter, the city commission will have 30 days to fill the vacancy.

“We will work on that (filling the position) within that 30-day time period,” Wagoner said. “I know there are several people who are interested. It’ll take time, but I’m sure we won’t have an issue filling it.”

Public Safety Commissioner Brian Reese will no longer be serving on the commission after his election loss. Wagoner said they are still waiting to assign official roles for Halsey, but that with her addition, as well as the replacement for Cannon, he is excited to move forward into 2021.

“Most of them will be new people,” he said. “That’s exciting. We can get some new ideas and get new people in the community involved.”

The city commission also unanimously approved a $9,620 contract with Stryker to purchase three Lifepak 1000 defibrillators for the city. The vote was 4-0, with Cannon being absent during the vote.

Sadieville Police Chief Bobby Bruner presented the proposal to the commission at Monday night’s meeting, pointing out the importance of the devices in the wake of Sadieville’s park expansion.

“With everything going on and what we’re planning on doing at the park, I think it would be beneficial for the city,” Bruner said.

The defibrillators are the same ones used by Scott County EMS. The three units would be at Veteran’s Park, City Hall and in the police cruiser of the on-duty officer.

Bruner said the commission needed to approve this right away to take advantage of the 0% interest being offered before the end of the year. These proposal includes the three defibrillators, a four-year service contract and three sets of infant/child electrodes. The city will make the payments over the course of the next three years, with the first payment due in March 2021. 

The city also received a discount for trading in their two older defibrillators, which Bruner said were “obsolete.” Bruner worked closely with Sadieville Officer Tim Lawson, who previously worked as a firefighter and EMT, on the project.

Wagoner referenced the incident at the Scott County Courthouse earlier this month where a man suffered a heart attack and was resuscitated by a fellow citizen using a defibrillator located in the courthouse. He said this is a prime example of the usefulness of these devices.

“There have been several instances, like the courthouse recently, so we kind of have situations where the ambulance had been called into town and they were busy and it was like a 20-minute arrival time,” he said. 

Wagoner said the defibrillators are an important precaution for Sadieville residents.

“You don’t necessarily think they’re important until you’re the one who needs it,” he said.

Wagoner said he is hoping to get everyone on the city commission certified in CPR in the coming year, which would include training on the new defibrillators.

The next city commission meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25.


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