The Georgetown-Scott County Planning Commission offered updates on several commercial and residential projects in development within Scott County. 

One of the projects, Texas Roadhouse, was confirmed to still be in development by GSCPC Director Joe Kane.

“We gave them approval already,” he said. “They started the site work and then they wanted to change the plan a little bit and add a drive-thru. That required a minor amendment to the development plan.”

Kane said the project manager is still waiting to get signatures and required certifications to make the amendments final. Texas Roadhouse will be located in the plaza at the intersection of Paris Pike and McClellend Circle, which Kane said has already been prepared.

“They’ve prepared the site already,” he said. “As soon as they get the development plan back in here and we stamp it, they can get going right away straight to construction on the building.”

Kane said construction on Texas Roadhouse should begin in the spring, pending final approval to the development plan.

A Firestone is currently under construction near Kroger on Marketplace Circle. 

“We’ve approved it and it’s under construction,” Kane said. “It should be done by the summer.”

Kane added that a Jiffy Lube, located next to Walmart on Cherry Blossom Way, is also expected to complete construction in the spring.

There are also two commercial retail strip centers in development, one located behind Taco Bell at the intersection of Mcclellend Circle and Finley Drive and the other at off Connector Road at the former site of the Golden Corral restaurant.

The former is close to  wrapping up construction and will accommodate up to “four or five retail spaces” and will look similar to the already existing building behind Taco Bell, said Kane. He said this one has been nearly a decade in the making.

“That was approved almost 10 years ago, but they’re just now kind of building that area out” he said. “That’s being done and should be finished soon.”

Kane said the Connector Road strip center is still in the early development stages and just beginning site work.

Kane said two “national hotel chains” are in construction in Scott County as well. One will be located right next to the aforementioned Connector Road retail strip center and the other off of exit 129 near Triport Road. Kane said both of these projects were approved last year.

There are also two major residential projects that have made progress. Kane said South Crossing Apartments, which will house 140 units and have a single-family neighborhood adjacent to it, is under construction. But the project, which was initially approved in 2019, has encountered some delays.

“We’ve been held up a little by the sewer capacity issues,” he said.

Another residential development off of US-25 and Champion Way, which Kane said is being called Woodland Park is in its first phase of development.

Kane said the project will house more than 400 dwelling units.

Kane said he was uncertain when the two residential projects would be completed. He added that there are several other residential projects in development at the moment, but that they are in “multiple phases” and “still ongoing.”


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