The Georgetown City Council rejected a motion 7-1 to rescind an ordinance providing health insurance benefits to council members during its regular meeting Monday.

Council member Mark Showalter presented a resolution rescinding the 1999 ordinance, and Todd Stone provided the second. 

“I seconded the motion because I believe we should vote on it,” Stone said. “But I’m going to vote against it because I accept dental insurance.”

Council member Marvin Thompson said the health insurance benefits would encourage more qualified people to run for council.

Showalter is the lowest paid council member at $13,081.87 because he does not accept any health insurance benefits. Stone is next at $13,552.27 because he receives only dental insurance. All other council members receive some health insurance benefits pushing their salaries above $20,000 annually. 

Health insurance costs for the council is about $78,750 annually including health dental premiums.

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