Editor’s Note: This part of an ongoing series of articles examining the salaries and benefits of Scott County’s public employees


The 2019 annual salary package for Scott County Fiscal Court magistrates ranges from just above $32,000 to just over $49,000, according to county financial records obtained through open records.

Accepting and receiving benefits such as health insurance are responsible for the wide range. All magistrates are eligible for health insurance as they are considered full-time employees by the county, said Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington.

“They are answering phones when they first get up and right before they lay down at night,” Covington said. “They are always on the job.”

The base pay for each magistrate is $27,648.43, which includes FICA. Each magistrate receives incentive pay for training, which is monitored by the state. With the exception of Dwayne Ellison, who was appointed to fill a vacant seat mid-year in 2019, each magistrate earned the maximum incentive pay of $4,312.60.

Three magistrates — Kelly Corman, David Livingston and James Lyons, each receive a retirement benefit of $7,143.16. Magistrates Bill Burke, Rick Hosteler and Chad Wallace did not receive any retirement benefits and Ellison had not been with the county a full year.

The county is self-insured, so premiums are based upon the prior year’s expenses. For 2019, the annual health insurance premium was $9,834 and all magistrates but Burke and Ellison received health insurance in 2019.

The county also provides a life insurance policy at $42.02 annually and long-term disability insurance policy at $70.95 annually.

The 2019 total salary and benefits package for the magistrates are: Bill Burke, $32,074.01; Kelly Corman, $49,051.36; Dwayne Ellison (partial year), $27,431.49; Rick Hosteler, $41,908.01; David Livingston, $49,051.16, James Lyons, $49,051.36 and Chad Wallace, $41,908.41.

Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington’s salary and benefits are set by the state and are $146,520.03  Covington’s base with FICA is $109,261.47. He received $2,156.30 in incentive pay for training, monitored by the state, $24,902/10 in retirement, $9,814 in health insurance, $82.80 for life insurance and $283.36 for long-term disability.


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