Heather Johnson, project manager for Crossroads helps distribute milk to drive-thru customers on Thursday.

Over the weekend, Crossroads Georgetown partnered with Prairie Farms to help give away over 8,000 gallons of milk; 8,325 gallons to be exact. To go along with the free milk, Crossroads also gave away free cookies. The giveaway took place at Crossroads Georgetown and was a socially distanced, drive-thru giveaway. 

Prairie Farms partnered with Crossroads because of an abundance of milk due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where normally they would give milk to schools, they couldn’t. So Crossroads stepped up and decided to help donate supplies. 

“Where schools aren’t in session, they normally would have sent a lot home on weekends and have school days where they were serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our district,” said Crossroads Project Manager Heather Johnson. 

Due to the abundance of milk, there was no limit on how many gallons a person, or family, could get. 

“Despite the lack of space, cows need to continue to be milked, so (Prairie Farms) has teamed with nonprofit groups to distribute the excess product to their communities rather than letting it go to waste,” Crossroads said in a press release to the News-Graphic. 

Over the course of the pandemic, Crossroads has been giving to the Georgetown community by donating funds to the Amen House, The Gathering Place Mission, has helped with childcare for healthcare workers, and has made thousands of masks. 

“To see their faces, just so appreciative, that’s why we do this,” said Johnson. 

“To know you’re making a difference right here in our community, that’s what Jesus calls us to do.” 


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