wink/ross car

William Ross and his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, which was given to him by Craig Wink.

When William Ross stopped in front of Craig Wink’s house a few weeks ago, he didn’t expect their conversation would start a chain of events that have made them both something of local celebrities. But news of Ross’s dedication to his job and Wink’s kindness towards a stranger has been spreading like wildfire. 

It started with a friendly conversation — Wink was in his driveway working on his truck when Ross, on his way to work, walked up and inquired about an old car, a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, that he had noticed sitting in the driveway. Ross wondered if it might be for sale and explained that he walked to work to Cracker Barrel (about 30 minutes each way) and needed something to get him back and forth to work this winter.

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