STAMPING GROUND —A first reading amending the approved Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Ordinance was held at Stamping Ground’s City Commission meeting. The amendment addresses concerns regarding the requirement for a building permit prior to an alcohol license being granted.

The ordinance passed with a vote of three-to-one at last month’s meeting, with Streets Commissioner Robert Jones voting against the ordinance.

“How is a business developer going to go to a bank and get a loan for a business where that person wants to sell alcohol when they don’t even know if the city will give them an alcohol license?” Jones asked during the special-called meeting. “It seems backwards to me.” 

A second reading will be read on Jan. 21. Robbie Wagoner, mayor of Sadieville is working with Stamping Ground Mayor Keith Murphy to develop an ABC Ordinance for Sadieville and is using the Stamping Ground ordinance as a template to develop an ordinance there.

State Rep. Phillip Pratt, District 62, was in attendance at the meeting. Murphy welcomed Pratt and Michele Carlisle, director of the AMEN House.

Carlisle discussed community participation in the nonprofit and helping citizens of Stamping Ground who may be in need of AMEN House services. 

“We get a big response from people in the giving and receiving of goods and services during the holidays, but we want people to know we are available to help year-round,” said Carlisle. The organization is hoping to expand their outreach in Stamping Ground.

“We know this is a delicate conversation for many people so we need some help from community leaders to identify people with food insecurities who could use our help,” said Carlisle. 

Murphy and the commissioners plan to work with faith–based organizations in Stamping Ground to help identify those residents who could benefit from the program, Murphy said.

Police Chief Roger Nowakowski reported 28 citations for the month of December saying, “we want people to take the speed limit seriously here in Stamping Ground.”

 He also outlined a proposal for an additional lease-to-own vehicle for the department. The commissioners will consider that at the next meeting. 

Stamping Ground Fire Department Chief Josh Cook presented a report detailing the state of the department. Cook is confident in the all-volunteer department and commended members for their commitment to the ongoing training required to maintain proficiency in various first responder skills. 

“Our team collectively participated in approximately 5,000 training hours last year. You have to be a dedicated volunteer to maintain all the accreditations,” said Cook. 

Response times for volunteers is an average of eight minutes — from the time they receive the notice until the time the volunteer arrives at the firehouse, Cook reported. The department is always looking for more volunteers, he said. 

In other action:

— David Clark, economic development commissioner  discussed plans for a city business directory. The directory will be free to the public and to those posting in the directory. 

— Melissa Bayer, city financial consultant, presented the year-end finical report, which identified expenditures and balances for each of the commission budgets so far into fiscal year 2020. Three of the four commissioners are under-spending their budgets and Bayer encouraged them to seek funding for the projects they thought would best serve the residents.  

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