Members of the Great Crossing High School National Honor Society stand next to the GCHS front office donation box, pictured above, from left to right, Mia Tyler, junior representative; Faith Mynheer, president; Santana Kavanaugh, vice president; Sarah Bryant, secretary; and Madison Werner, senior representative. The National Honor Society is collecting donations for care packages through March 24 to be delivered to Georgetown Community Hospital and Harborview nursing home next month. Donated items may consist of personal care items, recreational activities or snacks.

Great Crossing High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) is currently collecting donations for a care package drive.

The group is collecting donations for everything from personal care items such as face masks, toiletries and hand sanitizer to recreational activities such as cards, adult coloring books and puzzles. The donations will be given to Harborview nursing home and Georgetown Community Hospital in April.

The group, who typically does a community project each semester in the winter and spring, decided to do something to give back to a community they believed was suffering from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We felt like it was important to consider people who are still in isolation and who are still being really affected by it,” said Faith Mynheer, president of NHS.

Amanda Sunda, NHS advisor, said she is proud to see the group extending a hand to help out their community.

“It’s been a year (since COVID-19 began),” Sunda said. “It warms my heart that they’re thinking about people who are in distress, who have been isolated and who have had a really lonely year, most of them. Our winter project, we focused on getting toys for kids in our community. I think to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and for them to think about the older generation is pretty special.”

There have been a few donations made by students, teachers and staff at GCHS. The plan is to collect items and separate them into packages for each individual. Mynheer said this is so each package can have some personality to it.

“I like that we did choose something that we could make personal because we’re also accepting like cards and letters, so we’re going to include those with all of the packages,” Mynheer said. “I like that we aren’t just giving them a care package, but we’re showing them that we actually care.”

However, because of several back-to-back snowstorms that forced students into virtual learning days and the fact that in-person learning only just resumed in February, the project had a quick turnaround time. But giving back was something that Santana Kavanaugh, vice president of NHS, said was important to the group, especially this year.

“Something that was really important to us this year is that we continue to pivot through the circumstances of the pandemic, that we continue to give to our community and recognize those that needed help at this time and still continued to help them, even with the circumstances of this year,” Kavanaugh said. “That was just something that meant a lot to us that we could continue our goal.”

Kavanaugh added that the group is thankful for the opportunity and hopes they can continue to give back with their future projects.

“We’re very grateful for this opportunity,” she said. “We always love to have the ability to really reach out to the community and speak on it so that we can have more recognition and have more people participate and ultimately more donations for everybody.”

Items being considered for donation include face masks, gift cards, travel-sized toiletries, tissues, pens, pencils, coloring books, playing cards, puzzles, spam, Coke, small bags of chips and hard candies. No cash donations will be accepted.

Donations are being accepted at the front office of GCHS between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday until March 24.


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