Amid a pandemic, Georgetown College is anticipating its largest freshman class in years with some 450 expected for classes this fall.

Last fall, President William Jones offered free tuition scholarships to graduating seniors in Scott, Franklin, Owen and Casey counties as long as they lived on campus and paid room and board.

The move appears to have paid off with the record-setting freshman class, but the looming pandemic threatened.

In early spring, school officials began planning for the fall and early on made the decision to hold in-person classes. Once that decision was made, officials began looking at ways to prepare for the pandemic while continuing to hold classes.

Almost immediately, it was decided outdoor classroom space was necessary, and the college began creating spaces throughout campus.

“Outdoor spaces allow for the more more relaxed interactions that are classes,” said Dr. Rosemary Allen, the college’s dean and provost said on the school’s website. “Faculty can shift the course dynamics when they move the class outside. It can often encourage enhanced engagement, particularly when the subject matter can be tied to the environment where the class is held.”

To encourage social distancing the college will also be using larger conference-type rooms in the library and other buildings for classrooms. Students are required to have a COVID-19 test before arriving on campus.

The college is also unveiling a new dining services including a new restaurant on the ground floor of the Cralle Student center, major renovations to both the Montgomery Cafeteria and kitchen and a large-scale investment in the Mulbery Cafe.


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