The population of Georgetown continues to grow at an accelerated pace, according to new census estimates.

Between 2010 and 2020, Georgetown’s population increased by 6,749 people, pushing its estimated population in 2020 to 35,847, or a growth rate of 23.19 percent. Since 1990, Georgetown’s growth has been well into double-digits. Over the past 10 years, Georgetown has experienced an annual growth rate of 2.319 percent, according to census estimates.

These population figures are estimates used to gauge the accuracy of the U.S. Census Bureau’s ability to make good, educated guesses about population totals. The official U.S. Census numbers will be released later this year.

The population estimates keep Georgetown as Kentucky’s seventh most populous city, just behind Richmond, which has a 2020 estimated population of 36,800. From 2010 to 2020, Richmond has grown at a rate of 17.3 percent, staying barely ahead of Georgetown. World Population Review, another population data center, actually has the two cities even closer with Richmond holding a 611 advantage and listing Georgetown’s 2021                                 population at 36,228.

Kentucky’s top 10 most populated cities remain unchanged since 2010 with Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Covington, Richmond, Georgetown, Florence, Nicholasville and Elizabethtown in that order. Covington is the only city among Kentucky’s 10 largest to lose population since 2010, falling to 40,314 in 2020 from 40,640 in 2010.

Georgetown was by far the fastest growing city among Kentucky’s largest with Bowling Green second at 21.6 percent growth. Lexington grew 9.8 percent while Louisville’s population increased 3.5 percent.

The Census estimates show Kentucky’s population has increased to 4.47 million in 2020, compared to 4.34 million in 2010.

Both Stamping Ground and Sadieville have experienced growth over the last decade, according to the census estimates.

Stamping Ground’s 2020 population is 822, compared to 643 in 2010, or a growth of 27.8 percent. Sadieville’s 2020 population is estimated at 371, up from 303 in 2010, or a growth rate of 22.4 percent.

The estimated 2020 population for Paris is 9,713, a growth of 13.56 percent from 8,553 in 2010. Cynthiana’s estimated 2020 population has declined to 6,300 from 6,402 in 2010. Midway’s population has increased to 1,915 in 2020 from 1,641 in 2010.


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