"Art has always been a part of my life," local artist Amy Rogers said.

Rogers moved to Georgetown around 1999 after growing up in Pikeville, attending Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond and Kentucky State in Frankfort, both for their art programs and then working in Louisville as a registered nurse.

Her grandmother, an art teacher, introduced her to art, Rogers said.

"(Art) was always there," she said.

Once Rogers started college in the art programs of EKU and Kentucky State, she noticed careers in art were dwindling, she said. So, she went into the nursing program at Kentucky State.

She worked at Central State, a hospital in Louisville for 10 years while continuing to create her art as decoration for holidays in the hospital and as a hobby, Rogers said.

The pieces she created early on had a lithograph feel, she said.

In the early 90's Rogers became pregnant.

"It was a difficult pregnancy," Rogers said. She had to spend 12 days maintaining the pregnancy in the labor and delivery unit at Audubon Hospital in Louisville.

Her son, Joey, was born early and spent three months in the neonatal intensive care unit, she said.

It was around this time that Rogers' art began to evolve.

Joey developed cortical blindness, cerebral palsy and severe mental issues, Rogers said. Art was her anchor.

With Joey in and out of the hospital, Rogers had to find material she could use in her art that could go with her to the hospital rooms. There she incorporated beads, buttons and fabric, she said.

She had read that a famous opera singer, Beverly Sills, had a son that was deaf and she understood how that felt because she is a visual artist whose son could not see her art, she said. But she would hope Joey knows how special he was to those around him if he were alive today.

Joey passed away at the age of three-and-a-half in 1997.

The nurses and doctors loved him, Rogers said.

Rogers' and Joey's story are featured in the latest documentary produced by the Georgetown News-Graphic called, "An Artist's Layers."

The eight-minute documentary shows the process Rogers goes through to create her art and shares how her art evolved after Joey was born.

"An Artist's Layers" can be found on www.news-graphic.com and the News-Graphic YouTube channel.

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