Greg Hampton has newly been elected to Georgetown City Council. He has lived in Georgetown his entire life, and he said it is a great place to stay and raise a family. 

“My parents, Colby and Peggy Hampton, they moved here right before I was born,” Hampton said. “They raised four boys.”

Greg is the third boy in the Hampton family, he said. His younger brother, Tony, is Scott County Sheriff.

Hampton’s parents raised their children to be respectful, he said. When speaking of his mother, Peggy, he said she treated everyone with respect. 

“I want to make sure I live up to how mom treated people,” Hampton said. 

Growing up, Hampton remembers tobacco wagons and tractors driving up the town streets. 

“Georgetown is a great community,” Hampton reflected. “I’ve watched the changes come to Georgetown. It was a small, close-knit community.” 

Georgetown still is a ‘close-knit’ community, he said. 

“People want a community like we have here,” Hampton said.

Hampton recognizes significant challenges are ahead for Georgetown, however. The biggest being taking care of first responders, he said. 

Georgetown can’t be a training ground for first-responders, Hampton said. Once the compensation problem is fixed, it can’t slip back down to where it is now.

Another issue Hampton wants to address is infrastructure.

“I think the growth is outgrowing revenue structure,” Hampton said. 

As buildings come to town, it is important to make sure the infrastructure is there to match the growth, he said.     

Hampton has a bachelor’s degree of science and accounting from the University of Kentucky, as well as a master’s in business administration. He has worked with SRC of Lexington as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for 11 years, but overall brings over 30 years of financial experience, he said. 

With the experience Hampton has, he believes he can bring a different perspective on things, he said. 

Hampton hopes to take Georgetown in the right direction, he said. 

“I want to be open and transparent with everyone,” Hampton said. “I’m going to be fiscally responsible.”  


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