Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) runs in William “Bill” Hughes and his brother Jeff’s family. 

Both are in need of a kidney donation. 

Bill has already undergone one transplant around five years ago, and Jeff is looking for his first.

PKD is a genetic disease and the likelihood of family members being able to donate a kidney is unlikely.

“My father died from (Polycystic Kidney Disease) when I was just 18,” Bill wrote on the National Kidney Registry website. “Most of my family members are carriers of PKD and this means that they are not able to be a donor.”  

Bill’s fiance’, Cynthia Wright and Jeff’s wife, Donna Hughes have reached out through social media looking for anyone to help find donors. 

“I’m going to keep posting this, until it finds the right person,” Donna wrote on her personal Facebook wall. “My husband, Jeff, desperately needs a new kidney. 

“If you have ever thought about organ donation, this is your opportunity to be a champion.” 

A new kidney would be life changing, Wright said.

Right now, both brothers are on dialysis, she said, with Bill only getting an hour off of dialysis between work and sleep.

“Peritoneal Dialysis has made me feel better,” Bill wrote in his story. “But it has taken over my life. A transplant would offer more freedom and the ability to live a longer, healthier, more normal life.”

Bill’s blood type is B positive, and Jeff’s is O positive.    

Both Bill and Jeff are registered at University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Ohio with Tina Stanley serving as their transplant coordinator.

For more information on the Hughes’ story, visit Bill’s page at: nkr.org/zrv565, Jeff’s page: nkr.org/fqc347 or reach out to their transplant coordinator at the UC Medical Center.


James Scogin can be reached at jscogin@news-graphic.com.

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