James Chapman and Tom Holmes enjoy decorating for any holiday and always go over the top.

A ride through Mallard Point Estates can be scary, especially if you pass James Chapman and Tom Holmes’ house.

Their yard is filled with spiders complete with webs and skeletons making a mad dash for the nearby lakes complete with kayaks.

It is all part of a neighborhood Halloween House Decorating Contest, which is right up James and Tom’s alley as they enjoy decorating for any holiday from Easter to Christmas.

Chapman said that he has always gone over the top with his decorations, as he was in the floral business for a period of time, starting when he was 15 years old. 

However, earlier this year, Chapman and Holmes said they stepped it up, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Before the pandemic, people would come up to their door and ask if they could take photos, or stop in front of their house to stare in awe, which was another reason why they opened up their decorations for photo ops, Chapman said. 

“I told them anytime they wanted to take pictures, they’re more than welcome,” said Chapman. 

Chapman buys some of his stuff at stores, but said he has made a good amount of his extravagant decorations, including three skeletons in kayaks that currently sit in his front yard. 

He posted in the neighborhood Facebook group if anybody had any kayaks that were suitable for the water, and thus, the creative decoration came to fruition, he said.

Along with decorating their own house, Chapman and Holmes have decorated the entrance way to the Mallard Point neighborhood, where you will be greeted by skeletons waiving hello as you enter. 

The neighborhood viewing for the participating houses was held Oct. 25., and organizer Carolyn Wedel said that it was a huge hit this year, with people wearing costumes around the neighborhood, scaring people and getting into the Halloween spirit. 

“It’s just been so great,” Wedel said. “The neighborhood has really come together.” 

The Halloween contest isn’t the only community event that Mallard Point will host this year. A Holiday Lights event will be held during Christmas and a food truck will be in the neighborhood during trick-or-treating, in which the food truck will be donating ten percent of the profits to nearby Northern Elementary School.

The winner of the Halloween House Decorating Contest will be announced by the neighborhood Facebook group on Halloween night.

More Halloween decorations can be found on page 9A.


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