Eggs and vegetables are some of the community-supported agriculture products available at Elmwood Stock Farm.


A farm in Georgetown is providing boxes of fresh, organic food for people in town.

Elmwood Stock Farm provides something called CSA (community supported agriculture) shares. These are boxes of produce grown on the farm’s land. 

“Everything is raised here on our farm and we are USDA certified organic,” co-owner Ann Stone said.

The farm does CSA shares in the fall, winter and summer. The winter season goes from January to March and has a biweekly pickup schedule. In the summer months it has a weekly pickup schedule and fall is also biweekly like the winter months.

The winter CSA can include any of the following: potatoes, sweet potatoes, dried beans, dried chili or sun dried tomatoes, fall squashes, root crops and leafy greens such as kale, kale, lettuce, collared greens, rainbow Swiss chard, baby arugula and spinach. 

Buyers can also choose to add on eggs, beef, chicken or a broth share to their CSA share.

“A lot of people like to pick up here at the farm, we have pickup at a couple of different locations in Georgetown and Lexington, but we also offer home delivery,” Stone said. 

There is an online signup for CSA shares. The winter season has already started but Stone recommends signing up now for the summer CSA share.

“It lets us know how many people we’re growing for,” Stone said.

Stone added that people have fun receiving their boxes.

“People talk about getting their CSA share as a gift, you open it up and it’s like getting a surprise each week,” Stone said.

The CSA also includes a newsletter that tells what’s in it, storage tips and recipes.

“As people look to eat healthier and are looking to eat local, they’re looking for a farm like us,” Stone said. “So it’s nice that we’re able to match up with people in the community looking for these attributes.”

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