Steff Dutton says she founded the Georgetown Crime Bulletin Facebook group in July of last year to provide a trustworthy and safe place for Scott County to discuss local criminal activity.

The group, which is growing by about 50 people a week and has a total membership of 7,600 people, offers locals a place to share information on road closures, police activity, and police bulletins in addition to reporting suspected criminal activity. 

“Unlocked cars/theft of personal property has been a major issue over the late year,” says Dutton.

On several occasions the group has provided information to the police that has assisted in their investigations although Dutton declined to provide details because the investigations are ongoing, she says.

The group is moderated by Dutton and 5 other volunteer admins, a mix of personal acquaintances and people Dutton met through their participation in the Facebook group.

“We don’t have ‘official’ rules because I’m of the mindset that everyone is an adult and can police themselves,” Dutton says. “My two biggest issues are privacy of victims and respect of others, so when those are broken I do step in. With 7,600 members we pretty much assume that a friend of family member [of the victims] is present, so I tend to remind everyone of that when posting something of a more sensitive nature”. 

The Crime Bulletin had a potential lead on Gina Kirwan’s missing Main Street ghouls, the theft of which was previously reported by the News-Graphic, but it turned out to be a dead end and the investigation into the missing ghouls remains open.

To request to join the group search for “Georgetown Crime Bulletin” on Facebook.


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