Georgetown Police Department investigates at the Northern Heights shooting scene Tuesday evening.

The investigation into a shooting Tuesday night, which left one man wounded, in the Northern Heights area is continuing, said Georgetown Assistant Police Chief Robert Swanigan.

“We have identified four ‘persons of interest,’ but charges have not been filed,” Swanigan said. “The investigation is ongoing and we are meeting with the Commonwealth Attorney to make a determination on possible charges.”

Police would not identify any of the suspects, including the victim who was apparently shot in the shoulder, according to multiple witnesses. It is believed the victim was treated and released from the hospital, but that could not be confirmed, police said.

Northern Heights, located on Maple Street, is an active neighborhood with apartments, townhouses and homes close together. It is the kind of neighborhood where people sit on porches and children play.

Witnesses say four men were arguing about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when some people say as many as 10 shots were fired. 

“I was standing by my truck about to get it towed...I heard like seven gunshots and a guy yelling,” said a witness who asked not to be identified.

After witnesses heard a man yell that he got shot, they ran to help. 

“We ran over there to him,” the witness said. “He fell on the ground and we put pressure on his wound until the cops got here.” 

Neighbors said the shots sounded like firecrackers.

“I heard the shots and thought they were firecrackers,” said Norma Russell who was in her home three doors down from the shooting. “The next thing I know my husband comes in the back door and says there are cops down there and a shooting.”

On the scene police officers were seen looking for bullet holes in nearby houses, and a bullet hole was seen in the passenger door of a white pickup truck across from where the shooting reportedly took place.


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